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Thorn Medical is a provider of personalised medicine, utilising our patient’s own cells to rejuvenate and repair areas of the body damaged by degenerative disease. We are focussed on providing cell based therapies to enable our patients to enjoy a rapid return to a quality lifestyle.

Thorn Medical adopts a holistic approach to patient care & wellbeing, creating a truly personalised healthcare journey. We efficiently diagnose and treat existing degenerative conditions with minimally invasive, autologous cell therapies in; Europe, Middle East & North America. Our clinical expertise is in: • Hair • Skin • Spine & Joint

Thorn Medical is dedicated to the wellbeing of its clientele and continues to invest in the development of new techniques, products and services to support the only the highest quality patient outcomes & continued well-being.Working with innovative, scientifically-validated medical technology, pharmaceutical products and healthcare service organisations. Thorn Medical is dedicated to this market, with a global perspective and an understanding at first hand of the evolving challenges that healthcare businesses face in growing successfully

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Thorn Medical PLC Chairman Sir John Lucas-Tooth

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Latest News

Monday 16th Jan 2017

Appointment of new CEO

Paul Morton, former Director of GE Healthcare appointed as CEO

Monday 16th Jan 2017

Appointment of new Directors

Thorn Medical PLC appoints Paul Christie as Chief Operating Officer and Gordon McIvor Wilson as Development Director